Infos zum Spiel:

Autoren: Arno Steinwender
Illustration: Nadezhda Molkentin
Verlag: Red Cat Games
Erscheinungsjahr: 2024
Alter: 7+
Spieler: 1-6
Spieldauer: 15-20 Minuten

Create a colourful tree

Compete with your friends in Arbolito, a card stacking dexterity game!

Together, create a colorful tree by hanging leaf cards on it. Try to get rid of your cards faster than your opponents by using special effects and making combos! But be careful — the leaves can fall off at any moment!

Arbolito Spielszene

Key features:

  • Quick and dynamic balancing game with great replayability
  • Adjustable to the number of players
  • Boosts players’ interaction due to the variety of special effects on the cards
  • Engages players of all ages – perfect for playing with kids, friends and at the parties!
  • Want to prove you are good at balancing? Play solo mode and hang the whole deck on the tree yourself!

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