Take it or leave it

Infos zum Spiel:

Autoren: Arno Steinwender und Christoph Puhl
Verlag: Gamewright
Agentur: White Castle
Erscheinungsjahr: 2012
Spieler: 2-5
Spieldauer: 20 Minuten


20 dice, 30 tokens, 1 dice tray


Parents‘ Choice Silver Honor
National Parenting Center Seal of Approval
Tillywig Brain Child Award


Der Schmidt-Verlag veröffentlichte Take it or leave it 2010 in Europa.

Take a chance on this rollicking game of dicey decisions. Try to complete as many combo cards as possible by grabbing dice from the dish. The challenge is you’re only allowed to take one die per turn. Push your luck, but don’t wait too long or else another player might snag the die you need! Take the highest score and leave with a win!


boardgame-geek.com: Fun game. Everyone we have shown this game to has liked playing it.

play-board-games.com: If you are looking for a family game you and your kids will enjoy try out Take It or Leave It.

fathergeek.com: I found Take It or Leave It to be a very enjoyable game with all three of our test groups. With the Child Geeks, the game was very light as everyone attempted to complete their combos without much thought of hindering the other players. This made the game a fun guessing exercise and a great example of what it means to have perfect timing. With the Parent Geeks, the game was much more competitive with Action cards being played just at the right time to help some players collect a lot of points (or steal them from others). With the Gamer Geeks, the game became an exercise in mind reading, balancing points taken versus points lost, and plays where the only intent was to hinder other players. In all three groups, the game provided different levels of challenge and never failed to satisfy.

blogcritics.org: TIoLI is an intense game. It is rated for players eight and up, and younger players most likely will not enjoy the depth of thinking that makes the game so great for adults.

boardgamereviewsbyjosh: Overall, I give Take it or Leave it an 8.0/10 as a kid’s game. The game isn’t enthralling enough that I will come back to it over and over, but it is currently one of my preferred dice games – one that actually requires skill other than rolling dice well.

deskovehry.com: Every lover of dice games will be delighted, because coincidence here affects only the dice values and especially task cards in your hand. You have to know, how to work them and wade to prevail. So do not hesitate, because dice are waiting!

thedicetower.com(ab Min 8:57): Ein Podcast in dem das Spiel (in Englischer Sprache) erwähnt wird.